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Liferaft Benefits help employers save on healthcare costs, expand their benefits to cover specialty care, and design custom benefit solutions that work for remote and scaling teams.

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Why employers choose a Liferaft HRA

Available for all employers

With Liferaft, simply set a monthly benefit allowance and employees can use their benefits on any qualified medical expense they choose, without facing annual rate hikes or strict requirements.


With a Liferaft HRA, you can fund all or part of your employees' health insurance costs with pre-tax dollars, freeing up budget without sacrificing benefits.


Employees choose how to use their benefits, rather than being stuck in a one-size-fits-all group health insurance plan. This flexibility allows employees to tailor their coverage to fit their personal health, budget, and family situation.

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Group health can be complex, restrictive, and costly. Liferaft offers something different.

Liferaft’s 2023 Whitepaper on HRAs is the most comprehensive guide available, giving you what you need to determine if an HRA makes sense for your business.

What is an HRA? | HRA Requirements & Features | Eligible HRA Expenses | When an HRA Makes Sense | Different HRA Types | States Where HRA Works Best

For Individuals

Protect yourself from unexpected healthcare costs

Employer and individual health plans don't always provide the coverage you expect when accidents and other health events occur.

Supplemental insurance fills these gaps, extending a safety net to help cover hospital stays, treatment for critical illness, care from out-of-network providers, and more.

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