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Join Liferaft in making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Liferaft is a modern benefits administration platform passionate about building tools and services that make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

But we know we can’t fix the US healthcare system alone. We are committed to cultivating strategic partnerships to support fellow digital health companies grow, succeed, and impact change.

Think there is a way Liferaft can work with your organization?

  Flexible & Modern Platform Simplifies Custom Program Design  

Our platform is modern and modular.

It is powered by our proprietary integration and claims engines, allowing us to be exceedingly flexible in program design and interfacing with other systems. 

Create a custom experience.

Create and manage custom programs for your clients or utilize our pre-built products with your own branding. All products are designed to be straightforward and easy to set up for individuals, businesses, and program administrators.

Custom Solutions Case Studies

Create and administer custom programs with our platform.

Self-Funded ACA Compliant Health Solution

Liferaft developed an affordable, self-funded health plan that meets ACA compliance for a digital health platform partner.

We handle all claims and money movement while our partners onboard and enroll their customers, ensuring a seamless experience.

Tax-Advantaged Digital Cash Pay Network

For a digital cash pay network, Liferaft created a self-funded program with two account structures to maintain flexibility and compliance.

We manage all claims and financial transactions, and our partners onboard members and offer health services through their platform.

Guaranteed Issue Term Life for Associations

Liferaft partnered with a carrier to provide guaranteed issue-term life products for associations, offering auto-renewable policies at rates 50% lower than other carriers.

Our partners onboard association members while Liferaft manages premium payments and policy administration.

Who is Liferaft?

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Liferaft is a modern benefits administration platform focused on building tools and services for companies and individuals to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Liferaft was founded by insurance, technology and financial services professionals. No one should have to choose between quality medical care and financial ruin and we're on a mission to make sure they don’t.

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