Expand Coverage with a Specialty Care HRA

The Liferaft Specialty HRA empowers you to support your employees' out-of-pocket medical expenses needs in a hands-off, cost-effective manner. With coverage extending from fertility treatments to mental health care, employees enjoy flexibility in choosing providers that best meet their needs, all while benefiting from tax advantages.

Most importantly, our Specialty HRA directly covers incurred expenses directly and preserves unused funds, prioritizing employee well-being and optimizing your benefits budget effectively.

How it works

100% customizable and simple to set up.


Survey your team

We recommend conducting a survey of your employees to determine what auxiliary benefits they most highly value. 


Design your plan

Meet with our experts to design your 100% customizable plan, choosing reimbursement levels and eligible expenses. We will handle all the paperwork!


Enroll your team

We will onboard and enroll your employees, where they can submit claims for automatic review and reimbursement through our 100% digital, HIPAA-compliant platform.

How the Liferaft Specialty HRA is Different

The Liferaft Specialty HRA allows employers to provide comprehensive support for their employees' healthcare needs while benefiting from tax advantages.

Here's how it works:

Craft Your Plan & Budget

With support from Liferaft, determine your allocation for specialty benefits and choose the specific expenses to cover.

Employee Choice

Employees get care from their preferred provider and file a claim.

Tax-Free Reimbursement

Employees receive tax-free reimbursements for covered services. You get a benefits write-off when the benefit is used. 

Efficient Use of Funds

Funds allocated for employee claims directly cover your employees’ expenses. If not used, there's no money lost.



Cost Structure Full access to the platform for $12.50/per employee/month, then pay only for eligible claims High upfront fees regardless of benefit utilization
Unused Funds No money lost if benefits aren't used Money lost if not utilized
Employee Choice Any provider Limited network
Tax-Free Reimbursement Yes No
Employer Benefits Write-Off Yes No

What can you cover?

Specialty HRAs are invaluable tools for enhancing company benefit packages by covering services beyond traditional health insurance plans. Liferaft collaborates closely with you to tailor eligible expenses to align with your company's specific needs and budgetary constraints.

Abortion Care

Eligible employees receive funds for abortion related expenses (e.g. travel-related expenses, tests, services).


Eligible employees receive reimbursement for IVF related expenses, oral fertility treatments, and surgery.

Doctor Fees

Eligible employees receive reimbursement for doctor fees or copays.


Eligible employees receive funds for prescribed medication expenses.

Mental Health

Eligible employees receive reimbursement for therapy, inpatient drug or alcohol treatment, prescription drugs, and acupuncture.

Dental & Vision

Eligible employees receive reimbursement for insurance premiums, co-pays, or out-of-pocket medical expenses for implants, braces, etc.

Gender-Affirming Care

Eligible employees receive reimbursement for gender-affirming surgeries, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), counseling sessions related to gender transition, and other related medical expenses. 

Any expense deemed medically eligible under IRS Publication 502 can be incorporated into your company plan.

Download your guide to flexible & affordable health insurance.

Liferaft’s Complete Guide to Specialty HRAs breaks down how employers are using Specialty HRAs to extend coverage to fertility expenses, mental health care, travel expenses, and more. With a full breakdown of common expense types, how HRAs work, frequently asked employer questions, and more, this guide will give you what you need to determine if a Specialty HRA makes sense for your business.

Guide Contents

What is a Specialty HRA? | Common Expense Types | Specialty Account Examples | FAQs


11-100 employees

$12.50 / employee / month

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  • 1-1 health insurance enrollments via video conferencing or in-person
  • Custom account design
  • Full-service platform administration
  • Expense management
  • Automated reimbursements
  • Reporting


100+ employees

Custom pricing

Contact Liferaft for Enterprise pricing.

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Includes everything in the Advanced plan.