Liferaft Risk Technologies

There for you through life’s costly moments.

Our Mission

We believe that everyone should be able to weather the unpredictable. Surprise events are a part of life, but experiencing them should not lead to outsized financial hardship. Our products are built to be your backup plan when surprise strikes.

Let us be your life raft.


Our Pledge

We pledge 1% of our revenues to abolishing medical debt. Working in partnership with RIP Medical Debt, every $100 donation will eradicate about $10,000 in medical debt, forgiving a stressful and often catastrophic financial burden for families all across the country.

Accessing medical care shouldn't cause anyone financial distress. We are doing our part to equip individuals for financial stability.



of all US bankruptcies are tied to medical debt issues


of all US credit card debt is medical debt

137 million

Americans face financial hardship due to medical bills

$1 million

of medical debt can be destroyed with every $10,000 donation

RIP Medical Debt—a NYS Chartered 501(c)(3)—empowers donors to forgive billions in oppressive medical debt; every dollar donated forgives one hundred dollars of medical debt. Since its inception in 2014, RIP has helped donors forgive over a billion dollars in Medical Debt.

Our Team

Over 60 accumulated years in the insurance and technology industries.

Our Investors