Let us be your life raft.

We believe that everyone should be able to weather the unpredictable.

Surprise events are a part of life, but experiencing them should not lead to outsized financial hardship. Our affordable products provide a financial safety net when the unexpected occurs.

Our Pledge

We pledge 1% of our revenues towards abolishing medical debt. Working in partnership with RIP Medical Debt, every $100 donation will eradicate about $10,000 in medical debt, forgiving a stressful and often catastrophic financial burden for families all across the country.

No one should have to choose between quality medical care and financial ruin and we're on a mission to make sure they don’t.


RIP Medical Debt—a NYS Chartered 501(c)(3)—empowers donors to forgive billions in oppressive medical debt; every dollar donated forgives one hundred dollars of medical debt. Since its inception in 2014, RIP has helped donors forgive over a billion dollars in medical debt.


Percentage of US bankruptcies tied to medical debt issues.

0 million

Number of Americans who face financial hardship due to medical bills.


Amount of medical debt that can be destroyed with every $10,000 donation.

Our Investors