Group Health Insurance Offering for Brokers

The best HRA for group brokers & their clients.

Liferaft is the only Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) platform that was designed with group brokers in mind.

With Liferaft, brokers generate monthly revenue for each employee enrolled, plus provide an affordable and flexible option for their clients interested in an HRA solution.

Turn-key solutions made for brokers.

Insurance for your small business clients — partner with Liferaft Benefits.


Meet with us

Schedule time with our COO, Nimish Shukla to discuss a partnership with your business and Liferaft Benefits.


Refer clients to Liferaft

Refer your clients to Liferaft to set up an HRA. We will handle the paperwork, onboarding, and enroll each employee in coverage.


Increase your revenue

You will collect a monthly fee on every employee who enrolls, growing your business, while providing a valuable service to your clients.

Download your guide to flexible & affordable health insurance.

Group health can be complex, restrictive, and costly — Liferaft offers something different. Liferaft’s 2023 Whitepaper on HRAs is the most comprehensive guide available, giving you what you need to determine if an HRA makes sense for your business.

Guide Contents

What is an HRA? | HRA Requirements & Features | Eligible HRA Expenses | When an HRA Makes Sense | Different HRA Types | States Where HRA Works Best

  Why employers manage their  
  benefits with Liferaft  

Group health insurance for all employers

With an HRA, employers can set up affordable benefits regardless of their underwriting status. Each employer chooses a monthly benefit allowance and employees can use their benefits on any qualified medical expense they choose — including insurance premiums — without facing annual rate hikes or strict requirements.

Cost-effective health insurance

For small businesses, an HRA can be a more affordable option for your clients compared to prices on the small group market. Many states offer more affordable insurance plans on the individual market than on the small group market.

Grow your offerings & revenue

Group brokers collect a fee on every employee who enrolls on the Liferaft platform, helping your business grow, while providing a valuable service to your clientele.