Hospital Supplement Insurance

Be prepared with accident and sickness insurance that helps cover your out-of-pocket expenses due to hospital stays.

An accident or sickness requiring a hospital stay is stressful enough without learning the limits of what's paid for by your health plan. Help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses from covered events with Hospital Supplement Insurance.

It's guaranteed-issue indemnity insurance for those meeting age and residency requirements.

How It Works

Select your coverage level

Options start for as little as the cost of a couple coffees a month. Choose the right coverage for you.

You require a hospital stay

You're in the hospital getting care for a covered accident or sickness.

Submit a claim

Approved claims provide cash payments paid directly to you or whomever you choose, letting you pay for what you need.

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Coverage You Can Count On

Hospital Supplement Insurance is indemnity insurance offered through partnership with AIG*, a leading insurance carrier with a proven track record.

Life is unpredictable. Having the right insurance coverage can help.

For as little as the cost of two coffees a month, you can manage out-of-pocket expenses from hospital stays for you and your family.

Hospital Supplement Insurance in Action

Hospital Supplement Insurance pays cash benefits that you can use to help pay for medical bills, childcare or other expenses that come up. Here's an example of a plan in action.

While rearranging furniture at home, your arm jerks, and you feel sudden intense pain and now have limited arm motion.

The doctor diagnoses a torn rotator cuff, which requires surgery and 4 days in the hospital, plus recovery time at home.

Luckily, you have Hospital Supplement Insurance, so you'll receive a cash benefit to help with the expenses from your covered accident.

Your plan pays you $1,400 for the 4 days, which you use to pay your health insurance deductible and buy groceries while you recover.+

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+ Coverage based on Hospital Supplement Insurance Preferred Plan Terms and Conditions. Actual coverage may vary by state and by plan selected. Please review the Terms and Conditions for details of coverage in your state on the next page. This story is a fictional example and should not be used as basis for any specific decision making. Coverage will depend on the actual facts of each case and the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Coverage under the policy does not constitute comprehensive health insurance coverage (a/k/a/ "major medical insurance"). It therefore does not satisfy the "minimum essential coverage" requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Coverage will not satisfy the individual responsibility requirements of section 5000A of the Internal Revenue Code.