Health Reimbursement Arrangement for Large Groups

Save on group health plans with Liferaft Benefits.

Businesses with over 100 employees can save thousands on their group health plans when switching to a Liferaft Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) .

By automatically reimbursing your employees for their insurance premiums through our HIPAA-compliant platform, you can continue to offer high-quality coverage for a fraction of the cost.

How a Health Reimbursement Arrangement works

Clear and straight to the point.


Design your employee benefits

Decide how much tax-free money to offer each month, which expenses should be eligible for reimbursement, or offer various benefits to different employee groups.


Employees purchase qualifying expenses

Allowances can be used for qualifying medical expenses and healthcare services, including prescription glasses, healthcare premiums, physical therapy, and more.


Employees reimbursed

Our user-friendly 100% digital experience makes it easy for you and your employees to submit a claim and get reimbursed for eligible expenses.

HRA Administration Pricing

The most affordable full-service HRA management product available.

Liferaft is helping businesses save between $100k- $200k a year on their health insurance.

Companies offering their benefits with Liferaft spend less than five minutes a month managing their account.


11-100 employees

$12.50 / employee / month

No base fee

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  • 1-1 health insurance enrollments via video conferencing or in-person
  • Custom account design
  • Full-service platform administration
  • Expense management
  • Automated reimbursements
  • Reporting


100+ employees

Custom pricing

Contact Liferaft for enterprise pricing.

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Includes everything in the Advanced plan.

Download your guide to flexible & affordable health insurance.

Group health can be complex, restrictive, and costly — Liferaft offers something different. Liferaft’s 2023 Whitepaper on HRAs is the most comprehensive guide available, giving you what you need to determine if an HRA makes sense for your business.

Guide Contents

What is an HRA? | HRA Requirements & Features | Eligible HRA Expenses | When an HRA Makes Sense | Different HRA Types | States Where HRA Works Best

  Why employers manage their  
  benefits with Liferaft  

Learn more about our HRA pricing and features:

We handle onboarding

We make the transition from a group health plan to a Liferaft HRA as seamless as possible. We handle all the paperwork and enrollments, meeting with each employee individually to walk them through their options and pick the best plan for their situation.

Major savings

With Liferaft, businesses are seeing savings between 100k-200k/year on their company’s health insurance. In many states, the exact same plan is cheaper on the individual market than on the group market. You can fund your employee's health insurance costs with pre-tax dollars, taking advantage of those cost-savings without sacrificing the quality of your benefits.

More plan options

When you reimburse employees for insurance premiums, they can access all available plan types and carriers in their region. Each team member can choose the plan that makes the most sense for their family, location, and budget. No more one-size-fits-all plans!

HRA Administration

How businesses are using Liferaft to rethink health benefits.