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Principal Engineer

Remote, US · Full time

At Liferaft we are looking for a Principal Engineer to join us working on next generation safety nets, using technology to build insurance products that actually work. You’ll be joining an early-stage startup with the opportunity to help build the foundation of the business from the ground up. We are experienced startup operators and insuretech/fintech veterans who are hugely passionate about modernizing enormous industries that haven’t been updated in decades.

Work you might do:

Architect API-based backend workflows for insurance operations, such as policy generation, enrollment, or claims

Build automation and machine learning capabilities into our platform

Design and implement an integration system for data sharing with our partners

Map compliance into all product development efforts

Lead a team of top notch engineers to produce the best work of their lives

About you:

You are passionate about the positive impact that technology can make especially in regulated spaces

You are pragmatic with your technology choices, shying away from the latest and greatest for tried and true

You are detail-oriented, ensuring that the job is done right and well tested

You are value-oriented and are not afraid of hard work to do something great

You seek to balance the short term and long term, eschewing the easy path for the one that generates the most enterprise value

You default to trying and measuring before meeting and discussing

You want to move fast and prefer aggressive goals that stretch you versus conservative ones you know you can reach

You thrive in unstructured early stage environments and are energized by the chase for product market fit

You may have:

Designed and implemented production systems in high compliance, regulated environments (Fintech, Insuretech, Healthtech)

Led a team of engineers in building out platforms with high redundancy and accuracy needs

Built a claims or payments management system from scratch

Expertise in python, data platform development, devops, and analytics systems

About Us

Liferaft is a new insuretech company with a mission to build functional and reliable safety nets. We are starting with products that supplement traditional health plans, making health insurance less complicated, more flexible, and more cost effective. Our first product, an inpatient hospital stay plan, offers affordable monthly premium options, and a straightforward value proposition of a direct cash benefit to the policy holder upon hospital admission. Our platform is fully digital from application to policy generation to claims giving a seamless purchase, enrollment, and administrative experience. Future products will include cancer care, critical illness, and the like. Our founding team are experts in AI/ML, insurance, and fintech, and we are backed by A-list investors and angels.

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