Easy & Affordable Small Business Insurance

A Liferaft Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is the fastest way for small businesses (<50 employees) to set up affordable benefits. Simply decide on the amount you want to reimburse your employees for benefits — Liferaft will do the rest.

We handle the paperwork, employee plan enrollments, and can have you offering coverage within 24 hours.

Learn more about our HRA pricing:

How it works

The Small Business Starter Pack


Pick your level

Decide how much tax-free money to offer each month, depending on your budget. Most of our customers opt to start with $200/per employee/per month.


Employees enroll in coverage

Liferaft’s expert team will meet with each of your full- and part-time employees to enroll them in health plan that makes the most sense for them.


Employees reimbursed

Our user-friendly 100% digital, HIPPA-compliant experience makes it easy for your employees to get automatically reimbursed each month.


The most affordable full-service HRA management product available.

Most small businesses start with a $200/per employee/per month benefit. That means you can start offering health benefits to your team of 3 for less than $700/month.

All platform features are available to you — no matter the size of your company.


1-10 employees

$10 / employee / month

+ $50 / month base fee
+ $500 Implementation Fee

Get Started
  • 1-1 health insurance enrollments via video conferencing
  • Custom account design
  • Full-service platform administration
  • Expense management
  • Automated reimbursements
  • Reporting


11-100 employees

$10 / employee / month

No base fee
+ $500 - $3,000 Implementation Fee

Get Started

Includes everything in the Starter plan, plus:

  • 1-1 health insurance enrollments via video conferencing or in-person

Your guide to flexible & affordable benefits — download now.

Group health can be complex, restrictive, and costly. Liferaft offers something different.

Liferaft’s 2023 Whitepaper on HRAs is the most comprehensive guide available, giving you what you need to determine if an HRA makes sense for your business.

What is an HRA? | HRA Requirements & Features | Eligible HRA Expenses | When an HRA Makes Sense | Different HRA Types | States Where HRA Works Best

Why Employers Manage Their Benefits With Liferaft

Learn more about our HRA pricing and features:

Available for all employers

Group health insurance coverage can be complex, restrictive and have unpredictable costs. With Liferaft, simply set a monthly benefit allowance and employees can use their benefits on any qualified medical expense they choose, without facing annual rate hikes or strict requirements.


Many states offer more affordable insurance plans on the individual market than on the small group market. With a Liferaft HRA, you can fund all or part of your employees' health insurance costs with pre-tax dollars, freeing up budget without sacrificing benefits.


Employees choose how to use their benefits, rather than being stuck in a one-size-fits-all group health insurance plan. This flexibility allows employees to tailor their coverage to fit their personal health, budget, and family situation.

health reimbursement arrangement

How Businesses Are Using Liferaft to Rethink Health Benefits